Low-Maintenance Wild Landscapes

Low-Maintenance Wild Landscapes

A beautiful, flower-filled yard can be yours — no maintenance necessary.

At Landscaping Victoria BC, we’re the landscaping experts. We’ll help you decide and design the exact look you want while keeping in mind how much time you want to spend maintaining it.

Growing wildflowers and cultivating other types of wild gardening have become an increasingly popular option for outdoor spaces over the past few years.

Although a lush green lawn looks great, as do perfectly planted flower beds, those require ongoing maintenance, which may not be your thing.

So wild landscaping can be an option for all, or even some, of your yard.

How Do I Know What Will Work Best in My Yard?

At Landscaping Victoria BC, our experts take the time to discuss your wishes for your outdoor space before we come up with some design options for your yard.

Here are a few questions we ask:

Is Wild Landscaping a Good Option for My Outdoor Space?

Generally, wild gardens and ponds will thrive in any space. These types of flowers and plants tend to grow spontaneously under any conditions in any yard. And the best part? It takes very little effort to maintain!

Can I Choose My Wildflowers?

While wildflowers really are flowers which grow in the wild, there are seeds available, so it’s possible to pick some or all of the flowers which you can plant and will thrive anywhere.

We’re extremely lucky here in Victoria and have quite a few wildflowers which grow naturally in this area.

Some of these wildflowers include:

What Are a Few Other Options I Have for Wild Landscapes?

Wildlife ponds are a great option if you’re looking for a low-maintenance water feature.

These ponds require no filter or cleaning and can allow fish, frogs, bees, and other possibly endangered species thrive.

The flowers themselves are what oxygenates the water, combats algae and other plant foes, and, overall, helps everything bloom.

Trust Landscaping Victoria BC to Design Your Ideal Outdoor Space

At Landscaping Victoria BC, our expert team has the knowledge, experience, and the landscaping supplies needed to sculpt any outdoor space — from a wild garden oasis to a perfectly manicured, pristine garden.