Looking for lush, green grass and stunning, flowers in bloom? Landscaping Victoria BC has the knowledge to give you the green oasis you’ve always wanted.

And grass isn’t all we do, either. If thriving, colourful plants and flowers are something you’ve always dreamed of, we’ll make that happen, too.

If green, green grass is the key to your ultimate garden oasis, we know that the best place to start is with your topsoil.

What Is Topsoil?

Topsoil is composed of a natural blend of

Why Does Topsoil Matter So Much?

Topsoil contains all the nutrients that are vital for growing anything — grass, plants, flowers, trees, you name it.

Topsoil is just that — the top of the soil, and it’s the first 2-8 inches of the soil that truly matters. It’s loaded with the richest nutrients needed for successful growing.

Which Topsoil Blend Is Best?

The experts at Landscaping Victoria BC have all the landscaping supplies necessary to assess the soil you already have in your yard. We know which blends you’ll need to make your garden thrive.

The blend we choose depends on a number of factors including

Topsoil blends vary, and some are better for gardens and others for lawns.

What Makes Up Healthy Topsoil?

There are a few things that make up healthy topsoil including

Why Wouldn’t My Topsoil Be Healthy?

There are many factors which can alter your topsoil and make it less effective for growing:

Your topsoil can be conditioned by adding a soil amendment or other mulch.

Some of these amendments include

On occasion, though, it’s necessary to bring in all new topsoil.

Once we know what we’re working with and what you want, our team at Landscaping Victoria BC can adjust your soil, or bring in new topsoil, for the entire area you want to develop.

And don’t worry — we’ll facilitate the delivery of your topsoil. Just leave it to us!

Call Landscaping Victoria BC First for All Your Garden Needs

The experts at Landscaping Victoria BC have the experience and the landscaping supplies needed to landscape your yard any way you want.

And we don’t just put it down and leave you to it. At Landscaping Victoria BC, we make sure you know how to maintain your yard and help your grass or flowers blossom.

We’re not just garden experts. We also build structures, water features, and almost anything else you can dream of.

At Landscaping Victoria BC, we work with you every step of the way. From finding out your wants and needs for your property to design, and right through to the final touches.