Rock Walls, Stone Patios, & Sidewalks/Walkways

Rock Walls, Stone Patios, & Sidewalks/Walkways

Love the Look of Rock, Stone, & Other Masonry? At Landscape Victoria BC, we have the landscaping supplies to make your concrete dreams a reality.

Rock walls and other types of beautifully-made masonry can add a beautiful touch to any yard — and it can serve many important purposes, too!

At Landscaping Victoria BC, we love designing and building rock walls, stone patios, and anything else to do with masonry.

Why Add Masonry to Your Yard?

The list could be endless. There are many reasons you may want to add a rock or wall or masonry to your yard:

Our Process

There’s more to it than throwing down some rock or stone and calling it a wall.

At Landscaping Victoria BC, we start by consulting with you to find out what your desires are for your outdoor space. We combine that with our keen eye and factors in your yard to come up with a masonry design that’ll suit both you and your outdoor space.

Some questions we ask you are

Don’t stress if you don’t have the answers to these questions. We can give you ideas to help you make a concrete plan!

What Factors Do You Look for in Our Yard?

Once we have a good grasp about what you want along with your yard conditions and potential obstacles, our expert team of landscape designers and architects will draw up a few plans for you to approve.

What Are Some of My Masonry Options?

There’s almost no end to your masonry options! With all the types and materials available, from rock to stone, boulder to granite, you’ll easily get the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of.

And let’s not forget that there are all sizes, textures, and shapes within these materials, so you can truly get whatever look you desire.

Trust Landscaping Victoria BC to Build It Right

Building a rock wall may seem easy, but it needs to be constructed carefully, so it won’t topple or erode from water or soil, especially if it’s designed to be a retaining wall.

At Landscaping Victoria BC, you can trust us to do it right, so it looks great — and stays that way.

We have plenty of experience and expertise with all types of landscaping craft, especially masonry. We’ll work with you, and your budget, to ensure you get the exact landscaping look you want. Our team has all the landscaping supplies and equipment we need to get the job done right the first time, so you’ll be enjoying that walkway in no time.