New Lawn, Turf, Sod Installation

New Lawn, Turf, Sod Installation

Feeling like your lawn is a bit lacklustre?

At Landscaping Victoria BC, we use a variety of sod or turf, along with our specialized landscape supplies, to construct you a perfect green space.

Whether it’s a patch of grass in the front of your house or a lush, grassy space for a condominium development, we can do it all.

Our Process

At Landscaping Victoria BC, we do more than come in and lay down any old grass or plant seeds. Your yard is unique, and each plan we come up with is based on your yard’s conditions, how you want it to look, and how much ongoing maintenance you can commit to.

Here are some of the questions we ask you to start the new lawn process:

Don’t worry if you can’t answer all these questions. We can provide you with options and help you come up with a great plan for your yard.

Types of Turf

There are quite a few choices when it comes to building a lush, green, grassy area. A few popular options include

All these choices have their pros and cons, and the best type of grass to choose for your yard depends on a number of factors:

You’ll Have the Greenest Grass Around

After asking you the questions above, our experts at Landscaping Victoria BC will then

After all these factors are taken into consideration, we’ll give you our recommendations on how we can proceed to give you a green, grassy area you’ll love.

Installing Sod

A rich, green area is more than throwing down some seed or rolling out some turf. Luckily, at Landscaping Victoria BC, we have years of experience working with lawns and know exactly what to look for. From beginning to end, we have the landscaping supplies and knowledge to complete every step.

What Does Our Sod Installation Process Look Like?

We’re methodical in our approach to landscaping your space. We

We don’t lay it and forget it, either. Once we have your lawn in place, we make sure you know the proper way to maintain it to keep it as green and lush as possible.

Do You Have Questions or Are You Ready For That New Lawn?

At Landscaping Victoria BC, we love to transform your yard so you can get the comforting, beautiful area you’ve always dreamed of.

Our team of qualified landscaping architects and designers is ready to answer any questions or to get started on your yard.